About Us

Guardian is a specialist security, cleaning, risk management and consultancy company within the retail, corporate, hotel, hospitality and leisure, education, and residential sectors.

Our story

Guardian are proud to be a complete management company specialising in security, cleaning, risk management and consultancy services across the retail, corporate, hotel, hospitality and leisure, education and residential sectors.

With years of experience, our staff are trained to the highest standard with personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Retail loss prevention officers
  • Corporate security officers
  • Reception and concierge
  • Executive/VIP/celebrity close protection officers
  • Event security
  • Specialist security training
  • Security consultancy
  • Risk assessments and investigation

Why us?

With years of experience delivering the highest quality service to the world’s leading brands, Guardian is uniquely poised to deliver security, cleaning, reception and concierge services to meet a range of corporate needs.

We work with clients both nationally and internationally delivering a range of services including the supply of retail loss prevention officers, corporate security officers, reception and concierge, executive/VIP/celebrity close protection officers, event security, specialist security training, security consultancy, risk assessments and investigation.

We work in a range of sectors, including but not limited to: Retail, Corporate, Hotels, Leisure and Special Events. For special enquiries please contact us for a more detailed breakdown.

For a full, bespoke quote please visit our Quote page where we will be happy to guide you through the process and assist you further.

Our Skills

Guardian have developed a diverse skill set, with elite-trained expert personnel across a range of sectors. Our expertise include:


Our Team

Our unique team brings a broad wealth of knowledge and experience across a range of sectors to deliver the upmost value to our clients.

M. Sheraz Ali

Client Relationship Director
Responsible for nurturing great relationships between Guardian and our clients.

Jawaria Khalid

HR & Recruitment Manager
Ensures all of our contractors are trained to the highest standards and latest best practices from the industry.

Brian Smith

Client Relationship Manager
Ensures our contractors are suitably qualified and motivated to the highest level before working with our clients.













Our Clients

We’re proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in the world.

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  • Bank Security
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  • Security Guards
  • Anti Shoplifting
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