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    If yes please provide us with proof of your eligibility to work in the UK before employment starts
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    Give your full Employment History (at least 5 years employment/educational details required) Note: The application form will not be processed if the sections marked in stars are not completed properly.
    Do you have or have you ever suffered from the following complaints? (Please tick Yes / No to what applies to you.)
    A) Heart disease / including heart attack  Yes No
    B) Fits, black-outs or fainting attacks  Yes No
    C) Diabetes or epilepsy  Yes No
    D) Have you ever suffered any serious illness? Yes No
    Because of the nature of the work for which you are applying, this post is exempt from the provisions of Section 4(2) of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, by virtue of the Exceptions Order 1975 as amended by the Exceptions (Amendment) Order 1986, which means that convictions that are spent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 must be disclosed, and will be taken into account in deciding whether to make an appointment. Any information will be completely confidential and will be considered only in relation to this application.
    Have you ever been convicted in a Court of Law and/or cautioned in respect of any offence? Yes No
    Please give the names and address of two (2) people who have known you for more than 2 years in the table below.
    (Please be aware relatives and persons of the same address are not eligible as a personal referee)
    Years Known
    DECLARATION (Please read carefully before signing this application)
    1.I confirm that the above information is complete and correct and that any untrue or misleading information will give my employer the right to terminate any employment contract offered.
    2.Should we require further information and wish to contact your doctor with a view to obtaining a medical report, the law requires us to inform you of our intention and obtain your permission prior to contacting your doctor. I agree that the organization reserves the right to require me to undergo a medical examination. In addition, I agree that this information will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
    3.I agree that my previous employers may be approached for references. I also agree that should I be successful in this application, I will, if required, apply to the Criminal Records Bureau/Scottish Criminal Records Office for a standard or enhanced (as appropriate) disclosure. I understand that should I fail to do so, or should the disclosure or reference not be satisfactory, any offer of employment may be withdrawn or my employment terminated.
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    Please enclose as many supporting documents as possible, check the box, which is applicable.
     1.Completed Application Form.
     2.Proof of Identity (Passport, Driving license etc.)
     3.Proof of Address. (Driving License, utility bills etc.)
     4.Valid UK Visa (Proof of eligibility to work in the UK)
     5. NI card
     6.SIA License.
     7.If not a License holder, SITO certificate or SIA application reference.
     8. Please, make sure you have filled the last 5 years employment history fully.
    Please, send the application form along with the all-supporting documents to following address:
    Guardianfm Ltd,
    79 Hoe Street
    E17 4SA
    A copy of this authorization may be accepted.
    This letter is authorization to release information to my prospective employers, GuardianFm Ltd, with regard to my employment/background history. May it be through Benefit Agencies, Inland Revenue, Past Employers, Colleges, University or Government Departments and also personal referees? I also give GuardianFm permission to carry out a Financial Reference Check.