UK terrorism threat level raised to SEVERE

Following yesterday’s incident in Liverpool, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) has today (15 November) taken the decision to raise the UK National Threat Level from SUBSTANTIAL, meaning an attack is likely, to SEVERE, meaning an attack is highly likely.

The decision has been driven by two terrorist incidents in the past month, reflecting the diverse, complex, and volatile nature of the terrorist threat in the UK.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

Following yesterday’s shocking incident in Liverpool, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has raised the UK Threat Level to SEVERE.

It is important that the public remains alert to the threat from terrorism but not alarmed. I urge anyone with information or who suspects any suspicious activity to report it to the police.

Threat levels are determined independently of Ministers and are a tool for security practitioners, including the police, to use in determining what protective security response may be required.

The UK was last at SEVERE in November 2020 before being lowered to SUBSTANTIAL in February 2021.

You can find out more about how the threat levels are set, what they mean, and when they have changed, by visiting the Security Service webpage.

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Covid’19 & Global Economy

As the world battles to contain a quickly spreading pandemic, a huge number of individuals are battling for their lives and the worldwide economy is at risk for staggering to a stop — placing billions of jobs in harm’s way.

At GuardianFM, our top needs in the middle of the COVID-19 emergency are the well-being and prosperity of our employees and their families, and acting in solidarity with the most vulnerable in our worldwide network. Like many officers and staffs, we are presently working from home and doing all that we can to add to the measures we as a whole should take to diminish the day by day effects of this emergency on human lives. This pandemic comes to all of us, and we are reacting with compassion and care for the benefit of all.

In that vein, our work proceeds. Never wants to manufacture a progressively maintainable, comprehensive economy been more clear or increasingly pressing. This pandemic is an agonizing cue of our widespread connection, our weakness to the seismic dangers and abrupt stuns our present capital markets frameworks expose us to, and the requirement for mass activation to handle a typical emergency. While a portion of our endeavors may need to slow, and a few strategies may transform, we are more dedicated than any other time in recent memory to changing the economy to assemble a fair and maintainable future. Truth be told, it has never felt more important. The need to quicken the progress to a net-zero emanations economy will become considerably increasingly basic in the coming months and years as contamination, rising temperatures, deforestation, unreasonable force irregular characteristics, and the corruption of our normal assets leave us progressively helpless against future emergencies, if unaddressed. As we remake our economy, we will keep working with financial specialists and organizations to help explore the dangers and openings inserted in our new reality.

Our strategy work will proceed also, and policymakers have a basic task to carry out in the short and long haul recuperation. It’s basic that administrators give not simply the prompt life-sparing clinical and financial alleviation that so a large number need, however that they hope to refashion our frameworks and arrangements with the goal that future emergencies are forestalled. Monetary recuperation bundles should add up to a boost, but to a amendments of our economy to ensure against fundamental dangers — and they ought to incorporate strategies that secure laborers now and into what’s to come.

Long haul government spending should concentrate on manageable, clean vitality ventures that will help decrease the atmosphere crisis, guaranteeing zero-carbon and low-radiating businesses withstand the downturn as well as keep on developing — all while building up longer-term, showcase wide instruments, for example, a cost on carbon. They ought to likewise consider laborer insurances, with an emphasis on evenhanded working environments and manageable work rehearses. We should be conclusive and opportune to meet the squeezing needs of today, while having the vision and the shrewdness to get ready for tomorrow.

To speculators and organizations, our accomplices in this work, we have a comparable message: Take time to address this quick emergency, deal with your laborers, your families, and your partners, and afterward rejoin us in our drawn out endeavors to moderate the effect of mounting and crossing worldwide dangers.

One thing that history has indicated us is that an emergency can create genuine change. The intensity of aggregate activity will get obvious. Genuine pioneers will rise. The unimaginable will get unavoidable. Inventive thoughts and approach arrangements will grab hold, spare lives and in the long run recover the economy on target.

Let us not dismiss the exercises we can learn in the coming many months, the manners in which we can help, and the open doors every one of us has each day to pay special mind to each other and to make a more grounded, stronger, increasingly impartial economy.

Syed AliCovid’19 & Global Economy
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Who Is GuardianFM And What Do We Do?

Guardian are proud to be a complete management company specialising in security, cleaning, risk management and consultancy services across the retail, corporate, hotel, hospitality and leisure, education and residential sectors.

With years of experience, our staff are trained to the highest standard with personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get in touch with Guardian today.

adminWho Is GuardianFM And What Do We Do?
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